• I AM family friendly first and foremost! There's no cursing, harsh humor or sexual innuendo in my entertainment.

  • I have over 20 years of DJ and emcee experience.

  • The cost is $350 per hour for Saturday events and non-Saturday events being $250 per hour.

  • I do not take breaks.

  • I arrive an hour before the start of the event to set-up.

  • I use extremely high-end audio gear.

  • The down payment to book is $200 and the remainder is due 20 days before the event.

CLICK HERE to book OR TEXT 817.879.8602



What’s the deposit amount?
$200. Your date is still open on our calendar until the deposit is paid.

Will you meet with us about the event?
Absolutely, but after the deposit is paid.

My event is an hour away from you; Do you travel this far?
Absolutely! However, there is a $75 travel fee per hour your event is away 
from Fort Worth Texas.

When is the remainder due?
20 days before your event.

Do you do all the announcing at the event?
Usually. However, if you have a friend you want to have emcee the whole event or introduce you into the reception, no problem at all. This is your event, not mine and you get to do whatever you want.

How do you make play-lists?
I don't DJ from play-lists, meaning, I don't let Spotify do the work. If you give me a list of songs to play then I will just get actual copies of the songs. Sidenote: Sending me a screenshot of your Spotify playlist DOES NOT work either. You must list the music you want on the form I send you. 

Can we give you a DO NOT PLAY list? 

Do you DJ alone?
DJing is a one person operation. On rare occasion will a second DJ be present and if that 's the case then I am most likely training that DJ. You will be informed if another DJ will be present.

Do you play the music for the ceremony or just reception?
We can play the music for the ceremony and even mic the officiant, guitar player, singer or pianist. 

Do you take song requests from guests?
I prefer NOT TO and here's why; If your guests are intoxicated and the song they request is highly inappropriate or doesn't fit the mood or moment, then we will deny that request. By using me to DJ your event, you must agree that it is OK for me to deny requests from guests that make inappropriate suggestions. An inappropriate request example would be if a guest comes up and ask me or the DJ to play a gangster rap song during dinner or ask for classical music while everyone is dancing to pop music. Those kinds of requests will be denied.



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